Sales 101

Sales 101

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Sales 101

Learn from the experts as you explore customer loyalty, navigating challenging service situations, and empowering sales.

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Basic Selling Skills from A-Z: U - Understanding Needs


The selling process is nearly impossible if you don

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Developing Your Customer Focus


Learn how to deliver superior customer service with this training course covering best practices for interacting with customers and cultivating valuable loyalty. In this course, we

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Customer Relationships: Building Trust (US English)


Building trust in your customers is an essential part of doing business and establishing customer loyalty. In this course, you'll learn the 3 keys to earning a customer's trust. You’ll learn how to satisfy your customers, develop a real human relationship with them, and resolve difficult situations to maintain and deepen the relationships. As you continue to work at your customer relationships using these methods, you will eventually earn your customers' trust. This interactive course module is part of our Customer Relationship series, which covers the 5 cornerstones of customer relations. The 15-minute interactive course includes short videos, engaging exercises, and downloadable resources for a complete learning experience.

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Needs and Objectives


Easily identify the needs and objectives of your clients by following the steps in this interactive course. You will learn the fundamentals of information gathering that leads to a sale. We will introduce you to the fundamentals of customer research, objective setting, questioning techniques, and alternative approaches. After completing this Needs and Objectives course, you will have a better understanding of your customer's goals. You will learn how to easily pinpoint these objectives and utilize a wide range of skills to accomplish them.

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Selling Strategies: 06. Upsell and Add-Ons


Bringing in new customers is essential to hitting your sales numbers. However, selling to existing customers is one of the easiest and more effective ways to increase your profitability. Repeat customers are likely to spend more, refer more people, and bring in more business. In this course, we'll go over some effective strategies to increase revenue using upselling and cross-selling. We'll discuss strategic planning, timing, rewards, and some common sales mistakes you want to avoid.

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Introduction to Sales: Understanding The Modern Day Buyer


Whether we sell online, through third parties or face-to-face, we have to match and meet the expectations of the modern day buyer in order to make sales. The Skillshub Understanding The Modern Day Buyer course explains how buyers today expect swift flexible and agile purchasing. If you're slow in responding or your deliveries take to long, they will go elsewhere. Once the course has been completed, you will appreciate how the modern day buyer has already carried out the research and how you need to become a trusted advisor to get the sale over the line.

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Introduction to Sales: How Is A Sale Made?


What key factors influence how a sale is made? Having the best product or service isn't enough these days in a modern day buyers world. The Skillshub How Is A Sale Made course will give you a better understanding of what it takes to carry out a successful sales interaction to getting commitment for the sale. Once the course is completed, you will have learned why its important for your solutions to match what the prospect needs.

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Closing More Sales


Learn how to effectively close a deal during your next negotiation. This interactive course is designed to improve your sales techniques. You will learn the fundamentals of how to ask for an order, extend a repeat order, and what to do if you get turned down. After completing this Closing More Sales course, you will never miss the opportunity to close an important sale. You will also be equipped with the skills to identify upsell opportunities. Others will begin to seek out your knowledge and advice as a strong sales professional.

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