Excellence in Guest Services and Hospitality

Excellence in Guest Services and Hospitality


Excellence in Guest Services and Hospitality

A career in hospitality-related services comes with a variety of key skills including interpersonal communication, organization, quick problem solving, etc. From basic greetings at the front desk to handling unexpected guest emergencies, this set of curated courses will help prepare anyone with the skills needed to excel in hospitality. 

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Hotels & Inns: Front Desk Customer Service: 05. Handling Upset Guests


When it comes to working the front desk, you will have to deal with guest complaints. You need to handle those complaints professionally. Remember, your hotel only exists because of the guests that stay in it. A guest could no longer stay at your hotel by being dissatisfied just one time. In this program, we are going to cover tips to help you turn guest complaints into resolutions.

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Hotels & Inns: Front Desk Customer Service: 04. Telephone Techniques


Since you are working in a hotel, knowing the proper telephone techniques and etiquette are vital to working the front desk. You should know your system; you need to be able to identify an internal and external phone call. You need to know how to transfer a call and how to put a caller on hold. But most importantly, you need to know how to listen.

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Hotels & Inns: Front Desk Customer Service: 03. Communicating with Guests


Communicating with guests in your hotel can be hard. The guest experience at your hotel is directly related to the customer service that they receive during their stay. No matter what part of the hotel you are working in, there should be an overall common standard of excellent customer service. Since we are focusing on the front desk, that's the part of the customer service and communication we're going to focus on in this program. We'll go over basic etiquette, empathy, consistency, and the different means of communication.

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Hotels & Inns: Front Desk Customer Service: 02. Check-In & Check-Out


When a guest arrives at the hotel, the registration process begins. The registration process is defined as the process of assigning rooms to the guest at the time of their arrival by filling out necessary details about the guest and the rooms. In most cases, it's a several step process that we'll discuss thoroughly in this program. When it comes to checking out of a hotel, the process is similar and involves several key things that need to be done that we'll cover here as well. Check-ins and check-outs are a critical part of the hotel experience, and as the face of the hotel, you need to know how to handle them properly.

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Hotels & Inns: Front Desk Customer Service: 01. Etiquette and Presentation


You've heard of the saying, "You never get a second chance to make a good first impression." That couldn't be any truer with welcoming someone to your hotel. You might be the first person a guest interacts with when they step foot into your hotel. You don't want their stay to get off to a rocky start. Etiquette and presentation at the front desk is crucial to working in a successful hotel. In this course, we'll discuss dress codes, how to properly greet guests using basic etiquette rules, and certain things to avoid when working at the front desk.

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1 to 1: Customer Service Success


This course teaches employees to consistently meet and exceed their customers' expectations in order to develop strong customer relationships and win loyalty. We’ll discuss the Customer Bill of Rights, which provides guidelines to help you raise the bar of your customer service in every interaction. You'll discover the impact of positive and negative customer service on your business, and learn the steps you need to take to fulfill the needs of your customers and leave them feeling satisfied. The 45-minute course includes engaging audio narration, a self-assessment test and in-course quizzes to ensure learning goals are met.

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Telephone Doctor Customer Service: 01. The Service Mentality


Get up-to-speed on the skills required to provide excellent customer service. This course describes in detail the behaviors and characteristics utilized by professionals who excel in the field. We'll introduce you to the fundamentals of a service mentality and help you develop your skills in ownership, enthusiasm, empathy, responsibility, balance, adaptability and resiliency. You'll also gain the insight to conduct a personal self-assessment of your own service mentality. After completing the course, you'll have a better understanding of your own behaviors and skills. As a result, you'll learn to sharpen these abilities, giving you a competitive edge in your customer service career. Complete the course quiz with a passing score of 80 percent and receive a certificate of completion.

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Telephone Doctor Customer Service: 05. Six Cardinal Rules of Customer Service


This informative course illustrates 6 common customer service missteps and how they reflect on your organization. Learn how to recognize and avoid these everyday bad habits. If you've ever experienced poor customer service, you know how important it is to treat your customers right. We'll outline the wrong way and the right way to respond to customers in 6 everyday situations. You'll set the scene for positive interactions and avoid the "Customer Service Hall of Shame." Front-line customer service providers are critical to establishing and maintaining positive customer relationships. With the tips and techniques in this course, you'll be on your way to delivering quality customer service and avoiding costly errors. Complete the course quiz with 80 percent or higher and receive a certificate of completion.

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Telephone Doctor Customer Service: 04. Five Forbidden Phrases


Certain phrases prevent us from creating a positive first impression with customers. This insightful course teaches you what these phrases are and what to say to inspire customers' confidence. What you say and how you say it is crucial when dealing with customers for the first time. Your initial response will shape their impression of you and the organization. We'll identify 5 common phrases that annoy and irritate customers and prospective clients. We'll examine both the wrong way and the right way to respond to customers and gives concrete examples of both. You'll learn how positive words and phrases improve communication lead to successful customer service. Whether you work phone lines or the front desk, you'll benefit from the tips offered in this course. Complete the course quiz with 80 percent or higher and receive a certificate of completion.

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Telephone Doctor Customer Service: 03. Questioning Techniques


Develop the necessary skills to determine your customer's needs and solve problems. This comprehensive course is designed to enhance your questioning techniques as a customer service professional. You'll learn the fundamentals of effective questioning and methods to determine what your customers need. We'll discuss open-ended and close-ended questions, leading questions, echo questions, probing questions and more. By the end of this course you'll be able to effectively gather information using a variety of questioning techniques. Become equipped with the tools to listen well and use your questioning ability to identify the needs of customers. Complete the course quiz with a passing score of 80 percent and receive a certificate of completion.

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Telephone Doctor Customer Service: 02. Listening Skills


The best way to give customers great service is to understand their needs. Learn 6 listening techniques that will help you ascertain customer needs and problem solve effectively. In this course we discuss the distinction between listening and hearing. With all the distractions around us, sometimes it's difficult to be an effective listener. We'll demonstrate the vital importance of being a good listener in a customer service role. You'll acquire techniques to improve your listening skills and deliver customer service that both gains and retains customers. The tips in this invaluable course will strengthen your listening skills so you can engage positively with customers and contribute to your company's ongoing success. Complete the course quiz with 80 percent or higher and receive a certificate of completion.

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Customer Service Success


Capture a bigger share of your market by delivering great customer service that will drive loyalty and set you apart from the competition. In todays competitive marketplace, customer service is king and outweighs price, location and product when it comes to building loyalty. In this course, you will learn the 7 skills that are most important when it comes to satisfying customers. We look at what the consumer values most in a service experience and how easily an unhappy customer can do serious damage to your business through word of mouth and social media. This course shares the statistics that prove great customer service is crucial to any business. It includes animated video with audio narration and downloadable resources for an easy learning experience.

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Remarkable Customer Service - The Three Magic Words of Customer Service


This video course will reveal the mystical secret of the three most important words in the entire customer experience. What are those three words? I enjoy candlelight? Ferrets are squirmy? Blue pickle pizza? We can’t give it away here, or you wouldn’t want to watch the video. Plus there’s a thinly-veiled robbery at the end of this one, so get ready for some action-packed mayhem! Another training course from The Jeff Havens Company, where we offer serious solutions in a seriously funny way.

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